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Hearings on Special Ed. Rules

The proposed changes include reductions in Extended School Year Programs (summer programs) for many students.

June 11, 12, and 13th, 2007

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Welcome to a new Website for families and friends of people with developmental disabilities. The purpose of this Website is to provide information that families and friends can use to advocate for their loved ones and themselves, along with news and thought-provoking commentary.

As a parent of two adult sons with severe disabilities, I know that there is not just one way of doing things that works for everybody:

  • People with developmental disabilities are a diverse population with diverse needs based on the nature and severity of their disabilities, their experiences, and family circumstances.
  • For those who cannot speak for themselves, the best advocate is a parent, other family member, or close friend who is not only aware of the indivdual's needs, but cares deeply about what happens to the person.
  • A full range of services, programs, and living arrangements must be available to meet their unique needs.
  • The availability of services must be communicated to people with developmental disabilities and their families.

I hope to cover a wide range of topics for people living in Washtenaw County, Michigan and beyond, including local, state, and federal services and agencies, respite care, guardianship, housing and supported living, group homes and other facilities, Michigan's economic problems affecting people with disabilities, changes to federal and state laws, problems of direct care workers, health care reform, special education, and information on local events for fun and entertainment. 

Jill Barker
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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